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What We Do

Litigation Based Services
Forensic Mapping

Partnering with several major developers in mapping technologies enables us to produce sub-inch-accurate mappings of vast terrains to confined spaces and anywhere in between.

Forensic Animation
Medical/Catastrophic Incident

Visual Law brings together an elite team in order to provide our clients with ultra-high quality forensic animations involving medical procedures and catastrophic events with unparalleled detail, accuracy, and admissibility.

Trial Strategy
Trial Tech/Consulting

At our core, Visual Law Group is a Trial Technology Consultancy Firm. We are experts in bringing together technologies such as video, audio, computer animation, text, graphics, physical objects, and image wizardry – in an integrated fashion – into the courtroom, to enable you to better tell a story to a jury and judge.

Settlement Documentaries

In order to avoid the numerous stresses that often derive from a lengthy and demanding trial process, Visual Law has developed highly successful strategies in order to produce emotional and visually impactful settlement documentaries.

Our Team

Interactive Exhibits
Utilizing the latest in mapping and animation technologies, Visual Law develops incredibly detailed interactive 3D exhibits. With annotated points of interest, critical information becomes far more comprehensive to jurors and legal council alike as they are able to explore situational variables and focus on each one individually. These models function across a wide variety of devices and will continue to serve as an increasingly useful tool as technology used in the courtroom expands in the future.



It is impossible to exaggerate how important high resolution ortho-imagery has become to our clients. Visual Law has commissioned and used aerial imagery for more than 20 years but only recently has photogrammetric software developed in conjunction with aerial drones to be able to create custom ultra-high resolution orthographic images. Unlike normal aerial photographs, orthographic aerials are actually sophisticated mosaics generated from hundreds of individual photographs taken by the drone. When processing is complete, the aerial image is absolutely accurate in scale with astonishing detail.

Aerial Mapping

Visual Law works hard to stay at the forefront of data collection and 3D visualization. It would be difficult to exaggerate how rapidly the tools are developing in this field. Visual Law is nationally recognized for its leadership in 3D mapping and its work with ultra-high resolution photogrammetry generated by unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. Our partnership with DJI allows for us to stay at the forefront of drone technology in terms of hardware and software to create ultra high level mapping with sub-inch accuracy.

Terrestrial Mapping

Laser scanning generates a point cloud that precisely defines a three-dimensional scene using millions (often hundreds of millions) of discrete points. These massive data sets require extreme computational processing resources to both create and manipulate. Thus, we specialize in reducing these monstrous collections of data into workable 3D scenes that can then be efficiently displayed on standard desktop, laptop and tablet devices. We also provide our clients with customized programming for interactive presentations that allow counsel or witnesses to manipulate virtual objects or 3D scenes in real time. Visual Law specializes in data acquisition and forensic visualization so that our clients receive exactly what they need for each individual case or project.

Maritime Animation

Aviation Animation

Products & Premises Animation

Medical Animation

Railroad Animation

Ground Transportation Animation


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With locations in Los Angeles, New York and San Jose. the headquarters of Visual Law can be found at the heart of Silicon Valley. We are located on the fifth floor of the Park Place building in downtown San Jose at the corner of St. John and Third Streets. Our neighbors include the Santa Clara County Superior Court, the San Jose United States Federal Courthouse, numerous prominent law firms, as well as many of the innovative high-tech companies that characterize Silicon Valley. Public parking is available a San Jose City lot located across the street from our office and there is always plenty of on-street metered parking nearby.

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